The Roman Archaeological park of Baia in Campi Flegrei, Campania east of Naples, is a must see if you love archaeology. It is outstanding and contains two amazing things, the ancient Roman Cistern – the Temple of Mercury and a tree that has grown upside down from the top of one of the caves – nature is truly remarkable.

This was a town that was a resort and playground in the summer for many Roman emperors who built luxurious villas with large swimming pools more luxurious than any seen today. There were many hot water natural springs which the Romans made into spas.

The Temple of Mercury is an ancient Roman Cistern that has a 21 m high dome with an open circle through which the rain enters. It has amazing acoustic properties – when one sings the amplification is better than any opera house in the world and the echoes are sweet. It is a beautiful experience there to enter the world of silence across the eons of history.

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See the Video below filmed by Antimo Civero- Giovanni Falzone from the Ada Montellanico Quintet Abbey’s Road playing at the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival.