Rome Small Group Walking Tour of Ancient Rome, the Colosseum and the underground of the Colosseum with a limit of 12 pax. No standing-in-line to enter!  Our small-group tours have a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 8-12 participants, unlike our competitors who may allow as many as 25 people in a group, making our tours more intimate and quite like a private tour! Private tours for your group or family are also available for the same tour with your own private guide.

Join a shared tour of Ancient Rome and enjoy exclusive VIP access to the Underground of the Colosseum. This is not normally offered with the standard Colosseum tour.

Travel back in time to live the past grandeur of the Roman Empire, the tragedies and love of entertainment, the light and darkness, the rise and fall, the secrets and legends. Get to know some of the most famous and illustrious citizens, such as Julius Caesar, Emperors Augustus and Nero as well as the Flavian Emperors who built the Colosseum.

Meet your guide at the Arch of Constantine, erected in honour of this Emperor in 315 AD, where we will start our journey through the history of ancient Rome. This fascinating visit will continue inside the Colosseum to hear history and tales of gladiators, animals, battles and executions and enjoy rare VIP access to the underground!

Then move onto ‘downtown’ Ancient Rome, the Roman Forum. A guided visit of the Forum is necessary as the site can be confusing to untrained eyes. Yet with a guide discover where Julius Caesar was cremated or where the Vestal Virgins kept their burning flame for the Goddess Vesta. The forum offers glorious views of the Palatine Hill, a site even older than the Forum and where Romulus and Remus founded Rome.

Tour Details

Combo ticket for Arch of Constantine, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Colosseum with special opening of the underground of the Colosseum.

Included : Qualified English speaking guide, skip the line tickets to Colosseum

MAX NO.: 8-12 pax