The best time to visit Agrigento in Sicily is in February when the almond blossoms are out and away from the summer heat and the crowds. Agrigento is famous for its magnificent greek temples in the Valley of the Temples a huge archaeological park, which are said to be more beautiful than the Acropolis.

The five Doric temples stand along a ridge designed to be visible from and land and by sea. They are the grandiose relics of greek settlements and if you are interested in ancient history this is the place to travel to in Sicily. It is best to do a tour with a guide to make it come alive with stories from the past.

In South West Sicily & Agrigento We Recommend…

Stay at our lovely resort on the sea and visit the temples for the day. Taste some of the fantastic Sicilian dishes of the area and go for day trips reserving one day for the archaeological park and another for exploring the surrounding villages. Ask Passion for Italy to tell you about the interesting places to visit in the old centre of Agrigento.

Sign up to Passion for Italy and we will give you a recommended Itinerary to do in the area. There are many interesting places to see especially if you are a lover of history.

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